Why Motorcycle Engines Heat? Best FIX for Engine Overheating

Engine Overheating is a haddock to us as it can decrease your motorcycle’s performance as well as life span from time to time.

Motorcycles with a higher compression ratio heat the most but Engine Overheating can also cause due to low maintenance. To protect your bike from Engine overheating you should follow the steps below,

Check Engine Oil

At first, Engine oil is the most important to check in a motorcycle, The quality & quantity of the engine oil should be proper to run a healthy engine. Now the question comes which engine oil to use? most people recommend the stock engine oil recommended by the company, But if you are not satisfied with that oil and facing some Engine Overheating issues you can definitely try some branded Engine oils like Motul or Lequi Moly. Because Company engine oil is cost-effective & may come with some disadvantages.

Engine Overheating

Now If your bike uses mineral engine oil, you can definitely try replacing it with synthetic engine oil if you are facing some performance or heating issues. although its cost compared to the regular engine oil But it can definitely improve your bike’s performance.

Air Filter

Now talking about the external factors Air filters are the most important thing to notice. Because INDIA is a dusty place air filter can jam very soon & because of engine can’t breathe properly it may cause an Engine Overheating issue. So what you can do is check the air filter regularly after every 2000-3000 Kms, Clean the air filter and replace it if needed. Motorcycle air filters available on Amazon.


This step is only for those who are own a carburetor motorcycle. If you are facing some performance or heating issues you can check your motorcycle from a professional mechanic or service center. The AFR tuning should be proper not reach or nor lean, Also the carburetor should be cleaned from time to time.

Engine Overloading

This issue can be done for various reasons like Overtight brakes, Wheel bearing jam, Unmaintained chain. To get rid of these issues you should regularly clean & lube your motorcycle chain, set the brakes properly & change the pads if needed, and Clean and lube the wheel bearing from a mechanic.

By following the above steps if you can’t find a solution for your motorcycle’s Engine Overheating you can try some tweaks like, try a higher grade engine oil. or if you have an oil-cooled engine you can try a branded coolant like Motul Motocool Expert.

After reading this article hope so your all doubts get’s solved, If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments section.

FAQ’s for Engine Overheating

  1. How can I cool down my engine fast?

    There’s no exciting any time soon. You’re trapped and therefore the engine temperature is rising. One quick trick is to throw your vehicle in neutral and provides the engine a few of sunshine revs in hopes that it’ll make the pump and radiator fan increase in speed to assist cool off the engine.

  2. Can I pour water on my engine to cool it down?

    Do not pour cold water into a still-hot radiator — it could cause the cylinder block to crack thanks to the sudden change in temperature.

  3. Can an overheating car catch fire?

    Like the exhaust , a car’s engine can get extremely hot also . If it gets too hot, it can trigger a sequence reaction which will set your car ablaze .

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