Carburetor vs Fuel Injection – Which One Is Better in 2021?

Carburetor vs Fuel Injection is a very confusing topic, In this post, we will talk about the main difference between Carburator & Fuel injectors which are used in Bikes & scooters, By reading this post you will get to know in which points carburetors are better & in which points fuel injectors are better.

In Carburetor air & Fuel mixes & gets to the engine cylinder & in the other hand Fuel Injection only controls how much fuel to be sent in the engine cylinder.

Operational Control

Carburator is a complete mechanical component & we have to manually set & operate it, the ratio between air & fuel to be sent (Known as AFR) we have to set this manually, and according to this ratio, carburetor sends air & fuel to the engine cylinder.

Carburetor vs Fuel Injector

But in the Fuel Injection system ECU (Electronic control unit or Engine control unit) is connected, & all sensors like the Throttle sensor, Crankshaft sensor connected to that, While comparing Carburetor vs Fuel Injection the benefit we get in Fuel Injector system is that the data coming from the sensors depending on that the fuel is sent to the engine cylinder. The engine load, engine speed, riding condition, throttle position, everything is controlled in the fuel-injected system.

Engine Performance

Engine performance should be mentioned while comparing Carburetor vs Fuel Injection. Fuel injectors are better in this case because everything is controlled with the help of sensors & the engine to get the proper Fuel quantity.

As an example, the Pulsar Ns 200, carburetor & Fuel injection, Both the versions are available there, But the Carburator version of this bike Produces 24.5 Bhp max power & the Fuel-Injection version of this Motorcycle produces 25.5 Bhp max power, and we will also get more top speed in the Fuel-Injector version. In this way, the Fuel injection gets better in Engine Performance.

Fuel Efficiency

In fuel-injection system, Because of everything is controlled by sensors, we get better millage compared to Carburetor bikes. Carburetor passes the same amount of fuel to engine every time & fuel injection passes the proper quantity how much the engine needed.

Maintenance & Repairing

To maintain the carburetor & its parts are easy and cheap compared to a fuel-injection system. Most of the mechanics can easily clean & repair or tune the carburetor. The Fuel-injection system is new to the market, most of the mechanics cant work in this.

Better Cold Start

Mostly during the cold season while starting the bike or scooter for the first time in the day most of the carburetor bikes need a kick start or multiple self-start to get started. But in the Fuel-injection motorcycle, you will not get any problem like this.


In a Carburetor no electrical components or sensors are connected, so to dismantle or install this component is very easy, Also in a local garage, this job can be done. But in the fuel injection system because it is connected to many sensors & ECU the installing of this component is a little bit difficult & This job should be done only in a service center or by professionals.

Carbon Emission

In easy words the number of carbon deposits in bike’s exhaust gases. In the Fuel injection system, the number of carbon deposits is lower compared to Carburetor. That’s why in Bs6, Most of the bikes are coming with Fuel-injection, So also in this case FI (Fuel Injection) is Better.


The next important topic is cost, Carburetor or the parts of a Carburetor are cheaper compared to Fuel-Injection, All the components of Fi System & components connected to this are costly, So Carburetor is better in this case. It also affects the price of the motorcycle, Fi Bikes costs more.

Petrol Quantity

This is also a very important topic, The benefit in the carburetor which we got that is, the quantity of petrol in the tank doesn’t matter if tanks have petrol the engine will run without any problem but in fi system, we have to always maintain at least 2-3 liters of petrol in the tank for better health of Fi System.


Carburetor lasts more compared to the Fuel injection, It doesn’t mean that the fi System is bad but lots of cases have been seen where maintenance issue is seen in Fi System.

As a conclusion of Carburetor vs Fuel Injection talking about the Fi System, Fuel efficiency, Engine performance & Emission control is better & in Carburetor, we can see low cost, low maintenance. You can let me know in the comments section which motorcycle you like the most.

FAQ’s on Carburetor vs Fuel Injection

  1. Is fuel injection more reliable than carburetor?

    Because fuel injection systems and modern electronic controls are more accurate, fuel delivery is often tuned to match driver demand. Carburetors are precise, but not accurate, therein they can’t account for changes in air or fuel temperature or air pressure.

  2. Why are carburetors not used anymore?

    Most car manufacturers stopped using carburetors within the late 1980s because newer technology was beginning , like the fuel injector, that proved to be more efficient. there have been only a couple of cars that continued to possess carburetors, like the Subaru Justy, until about the first 1990s.

  3. Does fuel injection increase horsepower?

    Depending on what sort of engine you’ve got, you’ll gain the maximum amount as 10-20 more horsepower and comparable torque. Also, remember that a bigger throttle requires higher-flow fuel injectors. Throttle body and injector size are proportional.


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