7 Highly effective Ways to increase mileage of bike

Hiking prices of petrol in India is a big problem, But we can’t do anything about this, What we can do is to increase mileage of bike & save money on petrol.

In this article, I will let you know some very effective methods to get the most out of your motorcycle.
All the tips written in this article are based on research & personal experience. So let’s get started,

increase mileage of bike

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure affects the mileage of our motorcycle. The company always provides the recommended tire pressure chart with the bike or scooter. On bikes, it’s mentioned on the swingarm & for the scooters, it’s mentioned on the floor-board, and you can also find them on the manual book as well.
But the company always recommends the tire pressure on the lowers side, so if you feel harsh while riding you can increase the tire pressure by 10-% (Not psi). Tyre pressure always should be maintained to increase mileage of bike.

Air Filter

The air filter is the next important thing you should keep in mind to increase mileage of bike. Most people ignore this but it is tested and proved whenever we clean or install a new air filter the mileage increases.
The work of air filter is to filter the air & pass it to the engine intake where fuel & air get’s mixed. So when the air filter gets old, dusty, or jammed the engine won’t get the required air, And as a result, the engine uses more fuel. And due to this fuel wastage, the spark plugs and the carburetor also get dirty very soon.

Buy Air filters from Amazon.

Carburetor Tuning & Cleaning

If you own a carburetor motorcycle, and your Carburetor is not tuned well(also known as AFR tuning) your mileage will definitely get affected. The amount of air & fuel to be mixed for the combustion depends on this, So It Should always be tuned from a professional mechanic or service center. The cleaning of the Carburetor body is also important.

increase mileage of bike

To check the carburetor tuning is proper or not here is a simple trick, You can check the Sperk plug. If it’s too dark/dirty it means you are having a rich air-fuel mixture & you have to retune your motorcycle. If the spark plug is too clean then you should also consider checking the carburetor tuning.

Overtight Brakes

This issue mostly is found in bikes having drum brakes. If your disk or drum brakes are not set properly your wheels will not move freely. To avoid this issue you should always change your brake pads/brake shoes on time.
To check if your brake is jam or not, you can simply put your bike on Neutral & move the wheel with your hand to check. If you found that the wheels are not moving freely you should go to a mechanic to fix that.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are also a very important thing to check. Spark Plugs burn the fuel & pass power to the engine. If the spark plug becomes too muck dirty or it gets short, Then you will face engine knocking issues & as a result, the mileage of your bike will get affected.

You can also try iridium spark plugs on your bike to increase the performance of your motorcycle.

Chain Maintenance

Chains are also known as the Final drive of a motorcycle. Most of the bikes these days are coming with 0-ring chains. So if not clean & lube your bike chain regularly you can definitely face low mileage issues.
The best recommendation is to clean & lube your motorcycle chain every 500-700 Km to increase mileage of bike. Buy the best budget chain lubes from Amazon.

Engine Oil

The engine is a heart of a motorcycle, and engine oil is blood for that. So if you only change the engine oil on time & use proper engine oil in your motorcycle.

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FAQ’s on this Topic

  1. At what speed bike gives the best mileage?

    The most of the 2-wheeler companies recommend to ride the bike at speeds of around 50-60kmph to urge the simplest mileage figure.

  2. Why my bike is giving less mileage?

    Low pressure in tires can greatly reduce fuel efficiency, Tyres require air to remain in proper shape alternatively all they’re going to do is create rolling resistance, this makes it harder for the wheels to maneuver and hence decreases mileage. the primary thing to try to do is to see your bike’s tire pressure.

  3. Which petrol is best for bikes?

    So the next time you think that of filling your bike with XtraPremium or Speed consult your dealer if it’s advisable to use higher-octane petrol. thanks to the additives there might be clutch slippage or slow damage to your bike’s engine over repeated usage, so enquire properly before you fill fuel subsequent time.

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