How To Store & Maintain A Less Running Motorcycle? 10 Tips

Friends if you own a Less Running Motorcycle like if you ride your bike very little like, once in a week or month or store your bike in parking for a period like one month, two months, or 6 months & still want to keep your Motorcycle safe & healthy,

Here are the few steps you must follow.

Battery Life

The main problem that occurs in a Less Running Motorcycle is the battery when you store your bike in an un-runed condition for a long time. A charged battery gets dis-charged over the time period. Simply you have to do that, to disconnect the negative terminal(-) of your battery, if you remove both terminals it’s also Good. Or if you start & idle your bike at least once a month for 10-15 minutes you don’t have to worry about your bike.

Less Running Motorcycle

Fuel System

The next point to maintain a Less Running Motorcycle is fuel system gets affected if stored for a long time. The reason behind that is the petrol we use in our motorcycle that is not purely petrol, 3-5% Ethanol is mixed on that. Ethanol is a Hygroscopic liquid, which means it will attract moisture, the metal parts on your bike’s carburetor or fuel injector will get rusted over time. So what you have to do that just turn off the petcock valve of your carburetor, and if you own a fuel-injected motorcycle you don’t have to do anything in this case.

Anti-rust Spray

Over a time when you store your bike in parking for a long period what happens that, many parts in your bike like, nut bolts & many parts they start rusting. To prevent that you can use an Anti-rust Spray like WD-40. If you apply this spray in an already rusted area it will also remove that minor rust.

Idle Start

This is the most important habit if you own a Less Running Motorcycle or a normal motorcycle as well. If you ride your motorcycle daily, weekly monthly, or once in 6 months idle start is the best way to keep your motorcycle’s engine healthy, you must follow this step at least once in 2-3 Days, just start the engine in neutral mode & keep it for 5 Minutes & its fine.

Short Ride

The next important step to maintain your Less Running Motorcycle is short rides. If you don’t ride your bike for long months, just in 1 or 2 months whenever you get time, ride your motorcycle in every gear & test all the brakes, switches & leavers.

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The chain is also an important part of a motorcycle, chain Lubes gets dryer when you don’t run your motorcycle for a long time. So you must use a good chain spray like Motul.

Motorcycle Tyres

If you store a bike for a long time in parking the contact area of your bike’s tyre with ground that gets a flat spot due to bike weight & tire’s life also gets reduced. To prevent this you must rotate your tires at least once in 15 days or 1 month & keep the bike on the main Stand if possible. It will also protect your bike’s suspensions.

Kick start

Nowadays most motorcycles don’t come with kick start but if your bike has kick start then you must start your bike with kick after starting after stored, it will save your Less Running Motorcycles Battery.

Cleaning & Covering

The final & the easiest way to protect are bikes paint, prevent rust & many more. Don’t let your bike get dusted.

Here were the few steps to maintain your Less Running Motorcycle. Hope that you liked it, THANK YOU

FAQ’s on this Topic

  1. Can you keep a motorcycle forever?

    The most critical miles for your motorcycle are the primary few thousand, so treat it right during them for long life. Follow the break-in guidelines within the owner’s manual and have it serviced after about 600 miles.

  2. What happens when a motorcycle sits for too long?

    When a motorbike sits for too long, it’s possible for the subsequent to happen: Paint peels on the tank. Seals and gaskets shrink and crack. Tires become brittle and make flat spots.

  3. Is it OK to leave the motorcycle in the rain?

    Yes. Motorcycles are designed to be ridden within the rain, so leaving one bent to get wet every once in a while isn’t getting to hurt it. it’s best to store your motorcycle indoors, but that may not always possible. this may help allow and water vapor to maneuver far away from the bike while it’s under the duvet.

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