How To Register A Modified Bike in INDIA

We all are very keen on our bikes. We wish to personalize our vehicles a touch to reflect our personalities. But, you may also Register A Modified Bike in INDIA else, you’ll finish up in legal trouble!

As astonishing because it sounds, the automobile Act is bent to get you if you get too adventurous in customizing your bike. The Act restricts the modifications which will be made to vehicles in India. it might be in your prefer to know what these modifications are and to what extent they’re acceptable.

Register A Modified Bike

Here’s a fast check out the modifications allowed under the automobile Act and so the procedure to register a modified bike if you opt to travel ahead together with your plan of alterations.


To Register A Modified Bike, The first thing you would like to understand before is that under the law, altering the structure or color is detrimental and in breach. In fact, it’s going to even have serious repercussions for the roads. Here’s why — any alteration within the structure of a vehicle changes the strength of the vehicle. Such change often only reduces the strength which can cause serious injuries to the occupants or riders during an accident.

If you’re too keen on making some changes, but, the simplest way is by seeking proper approvals. As a Bike owner, you’ve got to urge the new modified parts approved by the ARAI and get an endorsed registration certificate for an equal. If you fail to try to do so, the vehicle penalty is true away from the danger of getting your registration canceled. If you are doing change the structure of the bike from what it was with no approval, your bike is going to be listed as illegal.

The authorities are already taking stringent action during this respect: the State Police, especially from Kerala and Karnataka, have started a crackdown on modified motorcycles. it’s envisaged that the opposite states and UTs will soon imitate. you’ll be ready to witness cops stopping drivers and issuing them tickets for a motorcycle that leaves visible exhausts or that has illegal extensions or modifications.

The way to modify a motorcycle and not bring a vehicle penalty upon yourself?

While it’s still possible to travel through the method, it’s an extended one. As mentioned before, you would like to hunt for appropriate approvals. When you get the modifications approved by ARAI then get them entered on the Registration Certificate and Register A Modified Bike. differently is to feature features that don’t interfere with the structure of the motorcycle. Before you’re confounded, allow us to explain with an example. you’ll add auxiliary parts sort of a remote locking system to your bike which will spruce up the bike without altering the essential foundation. On the opposite hand, you can’t change the handlebar of the motorcycle since that’s an important tool in its performance.

What if when the color of the bike is changed?

The answer is yes, you’ll change the color of the bike by adding vinyl. There are few modifications called the “RTO -approved paint changes”, including body graphics and wraps which are still permissible. But if you tamper with the first color by repainting it to a special color altogether, then you’re in breach of law. Again, an equal process has got to be followed. the color change has got to be endorsed on the RC by the local RTO.

If you select to vary from petrol or diesel to CNG, that’s also permissible since it’s not counted as a structural change.

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If your bike undergoes any massive modification with ramifications, you would like to consult the concerned people within the RTO and Register A Modified Bike, ask them beforehand what’s to be done about re-registration of your bike post of these modifications. Keep your documents faultless and aligned with the MV Act in the least times.

FAQ’s on this Topic

Q1. How do I register my custom bike?

A completed Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) form.
A vehicle verification by a licensed DMV employee.
A completed Statement of Construction (REG 5036) form.
Bills of sale and/or receipts for major component parts (the engine, frame, transmission, and body).
If the vehicle may be a trailer constructed from a purchased kit, please present the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin or a receipt or invoice identifying the kit purchased.
Official Brake and lightweight Adjustment Certificates.
A weight certificate from a California Certified Public Weighmaster, if the vehicle may be a pickup or truck.
A smog certification.
Registration fees.
Visit a DMV office to start the appliance process.

Q2. Is modification is legal in India?

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of India made vehicle modification illegal. However, not all types of alterations to your car are against the law. you’ll make some changes to your ride, without being an outlaw.

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